June 25th, 2010

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head


This morning was a clustermuck of pretty good proportions. Snips would NOT leave the goats alone; Annie put her foot in the bucket; we had NO empty bottles for the (good) milk; spider the size of Detroit had spun her web over the door....yeah. It was......a morning.

Will be picking up the soap supplies tonight - they weren't all there yesterday. I don't understand...I didn't order *that* much (really!), or anything "odd". Oh, well - I will be able to play with the colorants this weekend!

Pool guy showed up last night (at 7:15 - that's LATE to be cleaning a pool, know what I mean?). Seems the pump DOES have a switch (who knew?), and works just fine. The plug, however, is toast. We bought a new one; Sweet Geek is going to replace it sometime this weekend. I just wanna swim!

Been testing my latest shampoo bar - this one has cocoa butter and shea butter in it. It works well - my hair is soft and shiny! We picked up another PVC piece last night - I want SG to cut it into 2 18" pieces, for smaller batches. :nods: (3' of soap is..well, it's a LOT of soap! 5 pounds, to be exact. The smaller ones should do about 2 pound batches - that's enough. :nods:

I re-drew my "logo". :points to sheep at top of LJ: For my soaps, I have my sheepie "dressed" in soap bubbles. :snicker: It's the same sheep that's on our laundry room door...cute, still "me", but soap-oriented. Since my SIL is demanding soap for the Annual meeting...I figured I needed a sheep to put on the labels. :sigh: I *really* am not into the selling side of this.....but it'll help with the Ag Exemption. :sigh: I like making soap 'cause it's fun, I get useful stuffs out of it, and I can play with scent and color (you can play with color dyeing yarn, but not scent. This is 2x the fun!)

Book Review: Smart Soapmaking by Ann....something or orther. Wilson? Anyway - GOOD book, well worth the money. If you want to buy just 1 book, get this one - she says WHY you do something, why you can skip doing something else, and what you can play around with. Very down to earth, and she keeps it simple. She has another book on milk-based soaps that I am trying to find (just because :lol:) - but I HIGHLY recommend this one.