July 6th, 2010

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

Whoa - it's already Tuesday?

:sigh: Holiday weekends screw me up. Ah, well....

I need to do a picture post, but didn't bring the camera card today. Hopefully tomorrow. Herself has made 5 - or 6 - crocheted critters, and they're fantastic! She's almost finished a dragon for me :snuggles: - she started it yesterday!

Himself is doing models and balloon animals now. The creativity these kids have - it's amazing!

My hands are covered in silicone - I "lined" the smaller soap mold with silicone caulk last night. I suck at lining with paper/trash bags/plastic, and the cutting board pieces leak. Someone on The Dish did a tutorial on using silicone bath caulk to line her molds...so I figured, why not? Messy, yes, but if I never have to line again, it'll be worth it! Silicone mold liners are *expensive*..this was $9; $6 for the caulk, $1 for the putty knife, and $1 for the gun. We'll test it this weekend to see if it really works. If not, oh well - I'm out $9. I can always line the mold with plastic bags again. :sigh:

Gotta skitter - contract work today.