July 15th, 2010

EOI: M'lady

It's Thursday!

and life is buzzing along. Didn't sleep well last night; in fact, today I am back in the post-surgical wrist brace. :sigh: I *have* to take fanatical care of this wrist - I do NOT want to go under for the 6th time. :sigh: Hence the search for an affordable milking machine.

The stars were out this AM - very pretty. Sweet Geek saw a shooting star go thru Casseopeia (the "Queen of Heaven")....not sure if it means anything, but if I hear something out of Rome today, I wouldn't be surprised. :nods: It was all quiet....the bucklings all decided to jump on me, and now my shirt smells of buck. :ick: It offends me - it's going in the washer tonight!

The does have settled into the routine - first out are Annie, Mocha and Rosa. I finish Annie, and move to Mocha. When she's done, they both go in, and Zorra comes out. I usually finish her about the same time Sweet Geek finishes Rosa (he's slow, and she gives a half gallon per milking. Himself is even slower - he is usually JUST starting Mocha when SG finishes!) Rosa and Zorra go back, and I yell "I have a bucket" - the other girls come running, and I feed them. Then toss hay. It's a lot less chaotic than it was.

The kids have scraped out the coop - we're picking up new pullets Saturday. I need to get shavings...tomorrow.

Gotta rest my arm!