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July 18th, 2010 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About July 18th, 2010

:ugh: It's 100 and werewolf out here! 12:38 pm
(Thanks to cleolinda for that! It really is a little slice of Hell here today.....it was 108* yesterday for evening milking. That doesn't include the heat index......can you say "hot"?)

The heat has fried my brain - I've tried 2x now to get a video of Himself milking...and failed both times. Turns out you have to push the shutter button when you're in video mode...who knew? :sigh: I'll try again tonight. If I make it thru the day....

Made 4 batches of soap last night. 1 shampoo bar - tried it with goat's milk this time. It's supposed to make your hair fuller....we'll see. The other 3 were my "default" recipe.....1 is blue and white, scented with "Bay Rum", 1 is green and brown, scented with a dupe of Lush's Jungle scent, and 1 is lavendar and white and scented with "Lavendar Rosemary". I'm trying to demold them now....they're firm, not taffy-like (I think the 3 together forced gel, which is good!), but the molds don't want to release them. I'll pop 'em in the freezer in a bit....they all smell and look good, so fingers crossed I get pretty bars!

Sweet Geek wants to go to the movies - I told him to have fun. I can't spend $40 (by the time you buy tickets/drinks/snacks, you're at $40, even at the discount theaters) for..well, nothing. I'd rather wait and buy the DVD.....I don't like dark, crowded places that are too cold for me. I'd rather stay home - and *I* am. It'll be nice...and quiet, and the proper temp. :nods:

Off to rustle up lunch!
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