August 10th, 2010

fiber: Chullo


Today you get pictures of Herself's creations. It's VERY photo-intensive - so, dial-uppers, I apologize. It IS worth the wait, though, if you want to click - she made up the pattern for *2* of these all by herself. (You have NO idea how cool that is! Seriously!) I've got some blather, too - but I'll put it *outside* the cut, at the end. Just 'cause. :lol:

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And yes, my icon is totally because I needed the morale boost. She's good! Very good. It's freaky, but cool.

Blather: I have a way-cool soap shop to share: Kristy's Lovely Lathers It's on etsy...and I go there to get inspired. Her soaps are literally works of art. I found her on the Dish (you have to register..I.....they're more bubble than soap. If you want to see some pretty soaps, then, yeah - the Gallery is worth it. Otherwise, no - they spend more time yakking then sharing soap-ideas. Afraid someone's gonna steal their top-secret recipes. :shrug:) This shop......I've figured out how she's done most of them - and they are impressive. (I don't want to copy her - she's just inspiring. I just want to have a few bars to put in my soaping box to get my creative juices going when I soap.)

Dog: Damn dog has torn a hole in the chicken-run fence. I patched it with more chicken-wire last night; SG wants to put tin all along the bottom. On the one hand, it would protect the birds, and keep the young pullets *in*...on the other, it's yard-ish. :sigh: He's in denial about the dog's idiocy......:bigger sigh:

Tooth: Dentist was happy to set up appointment, until I told them it was ONLY for the extraction. 10 minutes on hold later, the earliest opening is Sept 10. Rosh Hashanna. I...took it, but won't go. Not on one of the Feasts. I'm trying to decide what I want to do - pick up my x-rays and go elsewhere/wait until AFTER the Fall Feasts (with the hope that This is the Year, and I won't be here to have dental work - hey, I can dream, right?)/wait until the temporary filling falls out and it becomes an emergency (bet they'd see me *then*)...I dunno. It's a mess.

Knitting: Despite the lack of mention, I have been knitting. Slowly. On the "Chains of Love Cami" from "Pure Knits". It's an easy pattern - except for the cables, I've got it memorized. Granted, my center panel isn't what the pattern calls for...I mean, it's close - I left out a K1 on row 3. :shrug: I like how it looks, it fits my stitch count (as written, it's off 2, I think - I had to add 1 to make it come out correctly on row 1. :sigh:), so I'm running with it. The Bamboo yarn is interesting - similar to silk, but feels more like cotton. Splitty....we'll see how it holds up.