August 18th, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

NOT a good day.

No sleep last night because of the whole school situation. Herself is starting to get upset over it, as well - which is BAD, and totally unnecessary. I do not appreciate my children being put thru something - never mind. Just. Never. Mind.

SG is also pissed - to the point that, to quote cleolinda, "I didn't know you could use F*** as a preposition!". :sigh: He's so upset that he ruined this morning's milk - he forgot to pour it into the tote bucket, and ran the soapy water directly into it. :sigh:

Tomorrow is Meet the Teacher and Pick Up Schedule day....I have to work. I can NOT get off. I have NO idea HOW we are going to do this - Himself is starting a new school and has NO idea where his classroom is. Herself is at the same school, but without a schedule, how will she know where to go? Picking it up Monday is NOT an option for her - she can't handle it. (Not to put her down, but, well - she can't. She has to KNOW, in Advance, or things Do Not Go Well.) I guess I have to pull off a miracle - again - to get things straight...and you know what? I shouldn't have to do that. It puts me in an untenable situation - and that's not right. (Life isn't fair. I know that. I also know - Never. Mind. I have enough shit on my plate right now - don't need more Drama Llama. Or stress - we have a big meeting with the bank next week, and I am looking at unemployment. Yes, I'm ready. Still stressful.)

Let's see......happy junk. Ummm....Oh! Thanks for the name ideas! Herself suggested "Doe-minican Republic"....:snicker: I think I need some paint. :lol: We have Fort Clucks, at Camp Cluckington; BUCKingham Palace (unfinished, but hey...); and now the DOEminican Republic. :snicker: I still owe SG a sign for the milk room - Watto(from "Phantom Menace") holding a holodisk with a goat...and the caption? (C'mon - you've seen the movie - you can guess. Guess!) "It's a NUBIAN" :lol:

Oh! This AM, I went out to feed. Let me back up...Last night, it looked like :gasp: rain. I checked the forecast - yup. 20% chance. The bucklings don't have shelter. So, the kids and I went out and hustled them into the DOEminican Republic, in the kidding area.

This AM, I grabbed their bucket, opened the stall door, and headed around the side of the barn. They came out, paused at the door - it was Dark! And Scarey! - so I rattled the feed as I rounded the corner. They bounced around....and Calvin took off at a dead run. I didn't have time to say more than "CALVIN!" before - SMACK - he ran into the closed (and chained) gate.

Goats bounce when they hit chain link. :lol: Their heads (Nubian, anyway) make a hollow thud when they hit said chain link at a fast clip. :rofl:

Calvin shook it off, and bounced in when I quit laughing long enough to unhook the gate. :lol:

AAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, just found out that somehow, the bucks are in with the does. :bangs head: At least no one is in heat - it's too damned hot! Still....:sigh: