August 20th, 2010

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

It's Friday!

:whee: Finally! School starts Monday, we still don't have THAT situation resolved, but I can't worry about it. So, moving on...

Last night was date night. It is once again Restaurant Week here in N. Texas, and last night's venue (for us) was Stephan Pyles. I'll get to that in a minute - it was a full evening. :lol:

Left work with 1.5 hours to waste. So, we took the scenic route - and I found what has to be the MOST original house EVER. Just knowing that a house like THIS exists in Dallas makes my day - heck, my entire YEAR. I know the neighbors probably HATE it, but man - I love it. I could live there (or in a house like it, but smaller) and be perfectly content the rest of my life. (Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my house, but this one? Makes my heart happy.) It's called the "Smurf House" - I called it a "Hobbit House" last night. Fits. :bounce:

Anyway, we drove around (and around) this house a bit, admiring, then headed on towards Downtown. We stopped for a light....and I saw a sign for Scardello's Artisan Cheeses. Needless to say, we stopped. :lol: They feature Texas Goat Cheese...and 15 minutes later we were still chatting about various Texas Goat Dairies. (And tasting cheese. Manchego aged for 1 year is FANTASTIC. I need to be more patient!).

With an hour to go, we headed back out. About, oh, 6 blocks down, we stopped at a light, and Sweet Geek looked over and freaked. Seems I had a frog - yes, you read that right, a FROG - on my window. I tried rolling the window down to bring it in, but he hopped to the back window, where he stayed until we found a park to drop him off at. :grin: He was about 1.5" long, yellow-green, and cute. (And yes, we thought about the grasshoppers. Not sure WHAT's up with the truck, first grasshoppers, now frogs. If we get locusts, it's definately PLAGUE time! :lol:)

Finally, it's dinner time. The food was good, the service was excellent!, and there are still peppers available! (joke - most 5-star Texas restaurants use jalepenos as garnishes.) It's sorta hip-modern, with odd art - but the food! We want to go back and try something off the "real" menu (but who can afford it??)

Got home about 8, milked, and hit the hay. It was an enjoyable evening - and we needed that. I'm tired this morning, but that's OK - it's a half day, so we're good.