September 6th, 2010

Sheepie: Bah!

Totally uninspired...

I have little to no desire to post. Ah, well....

BUCKingham Palace is DONE. All tinned (except for over the window, which has a skylight panel), and the hayrack has been assembled and installed. Hobbes knocked off one of his scurs somehow yesterday...he's fine, but has a bloody spot on the top of his head now. :sad:

Milkroom has been swept and tidied.

Hall linen closet is CLEAN. Master linen closet is half clean. Need more shelf paper so I can finish. ALL the laundry is DONE. Both kids rooms are DONE. Game/tack/music room is DONE (needs mopping). Weaving room is 1/2 done. :whew:

Need to haul out the trash before I can declare an almost clean house, but still - it's clean.