September 14th, 2010

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had to milk in the dark this AM. Stupid lithium batteries aren't holding a charge - I hooked up Annie and Rosa, noticed that the lights were going dim, so ran to the house to grab the "charged" batteries. Replaced them......they barely lasted thru Mocha and Zorra. I had to clean the machine in the pitch-black of the milking room. :sigh: I KNEW I should have brought the oil lantern down! (I have a Dietz; I also have a Coleman camping lantern that *I can't get to light* :big sigh: Gotta figure something out.....guess I need to get a couple more Dietz's.)

Got the big 'ol pail o'milk wipes yesterday. Wowza! It's BIG. 700 large diaper wipes.....I'm almost out of the cheapies I was using, so we'll see how this works. It works out cheaper to buy this one, and it's made for dairy use....we'll see.

I'm still calm, but there's a sense of waiting. *Something* is in motion.....I am just waiting. There's stuff I want to do, but can'
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DIY Milker links

OK, just a quickie - I was browsing eBay, and found some *cheap* parts. If any of y'all are even *thinking* about machine milking, these might help (all Surge machines - they're running cheaper than anything else right now, and parts are easily found):

BIN $29.95 - needs lid gasket, pulsator, inflations, hoses, pump

BIN $119 - needs pump

BIN $39.95 - gasket, vacuum hose, inflations (they also have them for other types of shells, at the same price)

Gaskets are CHEAP - $8.99 on eBay, cheaper at Parts Dept. As I said before, a NEW Interpuls pulsater will run you $89, + $19 for the adapter (if you go with a DeLaval lid, you won't need the adapter - I'm running with what I'm finding, here - DeLaval stuff is pricey!) Hoses - buy at your local hardware store, it'll be cheaper in the long run.

Pump....I found some on eBay last week for about $150, but I didn't check shipping (since we have a pump already...although my darling husband is talking about wanting a new one. :sigh: Not sure why, but....)
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