September 26th, 2010

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head


Headache from Hell. Hope it's the weather....

Rosa has been drying off one teat for the past few weeks, so Friday evening I infused it with Pursue (vet RX) I have Today, as well, but decided that, because she has had issues since we bought her that I needed to use the "big guns". It wasn't as hard to do as I had feared - the oriface is small, yes, but the tip of the syringe fit just fine. I slowly depressed the plunger, and voila! An infused teat!

Almost at the heel flap of Nutkin #1. I.....I like the sock, but probably won't do another pair. It's not interesting enough. :grin:

Yesterday we ventured out in the rain to the local strip of antique malls. I scored a vintage hand-embroidered tablecloth and napkin set....I'd like some more. I like the look of hand-embroidery, but don't want to do it myself. :lol: Today I'm washing all my table linens (hate mice!), and I'll go thru and sort out what I'm keeping and what I'm donating.

More thoughts, but my head hurts.