September 28th, 2010

Calvin: Toilet

Tuesday, Tuesday

it's COLD out. I'm sorry, but I don't DO 51* - it's too cold for my blood! :shiver: I indulged in a cuppa Hot Chocolate this AM - I needed it!

I'll be in-n-out for a bit. Work PC is DEAD - something managed to sneak by Norton and has it all buggared. Tech can't get out before this afternoon - if then. I don't do much at the, if I can't welch off of my co-worker (she's out right now with Ms boss), well, no 'puter time for me. :sigh: At least I have some quality knitting time right now! :lol:

Am cruising down the foot of Nutkin #1. I'm.....not really impressed with these socks. It's a bit narrower than I like - when on, the pattern gets stretched out a bit more than I prefer. It's wearable, and it looks OK, but I don't think I'll be knitting another pair. :shrug: Not like there's not a billion sock patterns out there! :lol:

I have a parent-teacher conference on Himself today. This isn't normal - usually it's HERSELF I have them for - but he's getting to be a smart-alek. So, gotta nip's because of SG - he's a smartASS, and hasn't quite figured out that kids will emulate parents. It finally hit him last night, as I explained (AGAIN) that what Himself sees is what he's gonna do - if he sees SG doing something, and not being corrected (for lack of a better term), then he'll figure it's OK. What made it thru his skull was when I said "Look. You ~teasingly~ smack me on the butt at times - do you want HIM to do that to a girlfriend?" "NO! Of course not! That's not respectful!" ".....then why do you do it to ME?" ".........."

Granted, I know it's done teasingly, and that there are certain times that it's OK to be playful.....but Himself is 10. He hasn't had a he wants to copy him. That's normal...and if he sees "Dad" doing something, well - he's gonna copy it.

It's gonna take a bit to get this straightened out.....but we're catching it early enough that it should be OK. Just gonna take some readjustment of the male population of our household.....

Off to do work-stuff while I have 'net access.