October 5th, 2010

Disney: L&S Caffeine

I give up....

Got my work PC back at 3 PM yesterday......and we get off at 4. :bangs head: At least I had the Mac. The PC is working - a bit slow-ish, but it could just be the 'net. :shrug:

Got home to NO internet. :sigh: It just never ends, does it? SG is on that one - he knows what to say to the techs, I don't.

Got some of the prezzies yesterday - that was fast! Just need to get paper now and wrap 'em up.....December will be here before we know it!

Horses are fine - idjits didn't come up until AFTER I milked...so no breakfast. :sigh: They'll learn.....they should already know I only feed 1 time - I do NOT go back if they can't be arsed to come up on time. :grumble:

Got some clean-up to do - laters!
Calvin: Happy Dance

I am DONE!

with the present buying! My icon says it all - happy dances all around!

I came in right at $100 over my budget - that's only $50/kid; seeings how we bought something I hadn't planned on, I think that's pretty good.

The kids ended up with 3 games apiece - I love GameStop and Entertainmart! Used games at less than half the price! - and a bunch of origami paper (pssssst - if you have origami-loving kids, check out Origami Corner - they have the *best* prices I've found!), along with the other assorted stuffs.

Haven't decided how the DS's will be presented - if I give the games on night 7, they'll know what's coming. If I give the units on night 7, then the games will be a let-down. :pondering: Maybe tell 'em that there's nothing on night 7 and give both on night 8? :fun stuffs!: Oooh......because of "budget cuts", we had to stop at 6! THAT'LL work....:heheheheheheh:

At Entertainmart they had the complete set of Pinky and the Brain DVDs....are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes - world domination is - wait, no, not that....I'm thinking the kids would enjoy that. I'll see if they still have them next payday. And I'll try to stay away from the $9.99 games........:lol:

Seriously, I'm relieved - I'm done. Oh, I still have to make soaps for the family get-togethers, but I'll be doing that this weekend *anyway*. I've got SG covered - this year the "theme" is Dallas Cowboys (who suck, but he doesn't care....and LTD Commodities has cheap team stuff :shrug:) I told SG I didn't want anything (don't need anything!), so he said he'd take me out to a nice restaurant. I said fine......but yarn/books are good, too. :lol: I have simple tastes....

As you can see, Ms boss didn't come in....so I'm off to do some maintenance to our email accounts. And to celebrate my done-with-present-ness. :grin:
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