October 10th, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

I'm throwing in the towel....

This has NOT been a good weekend. It started Thursday evening, and has just gotten worse. First the soaping stuff, then the phone stuff...and now? Now my Jeep is dead. :bangs head:

We had to take Himself to Saturday School, since he had 2 zeros. Oh, I could have kept him home, and let him keep the 0s, but I wanted to him to suffer and maybe learn to actually turn his work *in*, so off to school we went. Jeep was fine, then.......

We picked him up at noon, and headed into town. We took the scenic route, looking at the pretty Victorian houses and talking about our "perfect" set-up (don't get me wrong - I LOVE my property! - but SG wants more land. I was led here, so I'm in no hurry to move...but if led to, I will) - Jeep ran fine.

Got to Tractor Supply (needed birdseed for the "grouchy old aunt" (HER words, not ours!). Wandered around in there a bit - they're remodeling, so I couldn't find what we needed right away. Got back to the Jeep...and nothing. The clicker wouldn't lock/unlock the doors, you put the key in the ignition and you'd get the Accessories, but it wouldn't *start* :bangs head:

On the bright side, Randall Noe Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep shares the parking lot with TSC......(and yes, I have Thanked Yah for it! This could have happened while we were out and about.......MILES away from civilization.)

On the not-so-bright-side, after 3 hours, we finally got someone who cared at the dealership - he called the Service Manager.......on the phone with the SM, he came over to look at Libby and try and diagnose over the phone. He got in, turned the key, and I heard "Huh. That's Weird!" :bangs head:

3 of the dealership guys helped SG push Libby over to the car part of the parking lot....where she sits. We are to call Monday AM (they claim the service department is open, even though it's a holiday) and they will see what's up. :sigh:

Murphy can go jump off of a short pier.........
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Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

Let's focus on the positive, shall we?

Now that I have *that* out of my system.....let's see...this weekend hasn't been a total bust.

1. 3 batches of soap on Friday
2. 3 batches of soap on Saturday

I cut all 6 today - wow. (I do have photos of the pre-cut logs, and I'll upload them - LATER. Am not tempting Murphy any more) I have 4 goats' milk batches (all in different colors/scents), 1 coffee batch, and 1 "gastille" - goats' milk, olive oil, and coconut. Not quite a true castille, due to the coconut, but....24 oz olive oil and 8 oz coconut. THAT one smells divine (Frankinsense and Myrrh)..the rest are interesting. We'll see how they cure out!

Sweet Geek made butter yesterday - it's white, of course, which is odd, but it's sweet and creamy. He figured out that you can use a turkey baster to suck off the cream, so that's what he did. :lol: I'm looking forward to NOT buying any dairy at all in the near future!

I managed to get all my ringtones and photos over to the new phone......yeah, small, but still a success.

I've managed to get both children into learning Hebrew....U-talk is fun! I'm looking at getting the full version on CD for the Mac (it's only $30), but the "lite" version SG has on the iPad works and is pretty easy. I like my WordLite, but all it has is a flashcard option - U-talk has an "easy" game, that's like "Memory", and it has an "easy +" where they give you 4 pictures and you have to id the word. We haven't tried the "hard" game yet; we're having too much fun with the easy and easy+ ones.

Off to reboot the laundry!