October 25th, 2010

Disney: L&S Caffeine

Just a quickie...

since today is Contract Day, and I have a lot of stuff to get done.....

I have to say I am HIGHLY impressed with EuroTalk. I got disk 1 direct from them, and the iPod function doesn't work. I've been emailing their customer support....and today I got a fantastic response - seems that something about the function isn't compatable with the latest iTunes...so they will either create me a *brand new* disk, or they'll simply burn a CD with just the iPod stuff on it. :blink:

I told them whichever was easier on them was fine with me...but wow! I think that's fantastic customer service, and I WILL be purchasing the rest of the Hebrew series from them.

I mean, they could have told me sorry, but that function doesn't work with your iPhone, or that it wasn't really available on Disk 1, or all sorts of other excuses....this? This, to me, goes above and beyond.

So.....I am very pleased with EuroTalk! :grin: