October 26th, 2010

Dr Horrible: Hammertime

I'm home today...

we have a 1:30 meeting with Herself's councillor and teachers. Since it's an easy hour drive to and from work - IF there are no accidents - it didn't make sense to go in, only to turn around and leave again. (To be sure I got here on time, and had lunch, I'd have to leave no later than 11:30......working from 8 - 11:30 is just...well, not worth the gas. :grin:

Wanted to do a picture post, but the "cast" isn't cooperating. I'll keep trying....:lol:

I know I've praised EuroTalk - but Rosetta Stone has everything on sale. Still expensive...but you can get all 3 levels of Hebrew, the Personal Edition (you can have 5 users) for $489. $230 savings. No, I haven't ordered it...but SG is threatening to. He wants to use his AmEx....I don't have ANY credit cards, and don't want them......but I can't really say NO - it's his card, and his payments. I'm just not reminding him to order it.....(he has a HORRIBLE memory, and puts things off for as long as he can. So.....we might end up with it, but I'm not pushing. I'm happy with EuroTalk. :nods:) The Homeschooling Edition is on sale for $539....it's the same as the Personal, but it has written tests, Lesson Plans, and...a few other things. Not worth the difference in price to me, but....there ya go.

Let's see...Herself volunteered to clean the chicken coop ALL BY HERSELF last night. Folks, Armegeddon is at hand! :grin: She did a bang-up job, too...and this is AFTER she cleaned the goat barn Sunday. I'm telling you, better get right with God.......I mean, she's *cleaning*, the Rangers are in the World Series, the Cowboys suck......:lol:

Gotta reboot the laundry...
Disney: Tink Damn

Well...THAT didn't go well....

I am home from work tomorrow, again. Not because of Herself...her education is just ticking along. No, because of Himself. I will NOT go into details, but it involves bullying and he has a date with the psychologist tomorrow. :sigh:

When it rains, it pours.......at least I was home today to go pick him up direct from school. (hey, I'm trying! It's a reach...but I'm trying)