November 1st, 2010

pets: Sun Dancer

Too many choices.....

Yesterday was...interesting. I was wrong about the Cowboys - they started losing at noon. :lol: So did the Rangers.....but we still can pull it off. 3 games, that's all we need...But. If we're gonna lose the Series, we need to do it tonight, at home. Where they have the fan base around them. :nods: a call from my goat mentor yesterday. She has proposed a trade: My older, needs work 2-horse, bumper-pull trailer for more goats. Including at least 1 Nubian.

Pros: We need 5 more goats for our Ag exemption. I've bred 3, so far, and will be breeding 2 more come December. The 2-horse is really too small for us; we've been talking about "upgrading" to something larger for a while. We don't *use* the trailer, except for hauling stuff - my horses stay home.

Cons: No trailer in case of emergency.

The Pros definately outweigh the Cons......and. We've been looking for a 16' flatbed trailer for almost 2 years, to haul the tractor, hay, etc. IF we "ditch" the 2-horse and buy a 16' STOCK trailer, we'd only have to park 1 thing; the Kubota will fit in a stock trailer (or should - I need to measure, but the bush hog is a 48" cut - or about 52" wide....if we get a 5' wide stock trailer, there should be no issues. The bush hog is *just* slightly wider than the tractor itself.)

Granted, a stock trailer - used - will run us about $2K (average - I've seen them from $1200 up to $4K. There's a practically new one listed on CL right now for $3K....which we don't have at the moment. Ah, well...) So, we'd be out cash. BUT...Nubian does, from good milk lines, will run $400+; Cashmeres - with the quality of fiber she breeds - run about $300. So.....we're looking at about $1500-ish for 5 goats *anyway*. And if any of the goats are bred, well........

I'm not too worried about the lack of trailer. We've been in this house 6 years, and I haven't had to haul a horse anywhere. IF it becomes necessary, I can call them and borrow it back - the time waiting won't be that long. My horse vet does house calls, and he's not *that* far this is sort of a non-issue.

So. We're thinking about this. More goats = more feed costs, but we're looking at that anyway. It also means Ag Exemption, which would lower our property taxes from $3200 to....even half is better than that!