November 2nd, 2010

fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit

:sigh: Parenting sucks sometimes!

Spent 2.5 hours with Himself last night, trying to get all his homework caught up. The first hour was..well, I'm not a trained psychologist, but I'm seeing clincal depression here. Seriously - I went thru it when Husband #1 was killed, and....yeah. It's not helped by the fact that this is National Bully-Awareness Month or whatever - he said at one point that if you did what the movies told you to do, you'd get beaten up *worse*. :sigh: This is WAY beyond "Everybody hates me, Nobody loves me"'s bad.

For the Record, I am trying to get things squared away so I can be a SAHM. I'm getting the vibes that that's where I need to be....but Not Yet. (And I can't explain it any more than that - you'll either understand or you won't. I'm thinking it'll be soon...but how soon? I dunno....)

Anyway, I talked him off that ledge....and we focused on his homework. 5 Assignments that he just didn't get around to doing/turning in......and he knocked them out quickly. The 1.5 hours? Was because we had dinner and the Rangers game going on.

We've left messages with 2 doctors.....need to keep calling. He needs to see a real professional...soon. He's very negative right now, and his sister isn't helping. (But she still doesn't need to be committed...that's just wrong on SO many levels!)

So. He's......OK at the moment. Not OK-OK, just Ok. Brianna is helping - it's hard to stay depressed when you have a puppy kissing your face. And begging for walkies.

Speaking of, I need to do a photo post.....I have a "Day in the Life of.." post brewing...just gotta have the time to transfer the photos and edit them. Life as a Wolfhound Puppy is....well, it's exhausting. :lol:

Yes, the Rangers lost last night. The fans gave SF fans a seminar in Class - we have it. They gave the Giants a standing ovation. Hey - we made it to the Series for the FIRST TIME EVER....winning would have been the cherry on top. Next year, baby!