November 7th, 2010

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

It. Is. Alive...

barely. Spent ALL day yesterday - and no, I'm not exaggerating - in bed. The sore throat disappeared, then morphed into a stuffy-head. There were a couple of times I expected my head to *explode*. :sigh: A headache appeared around 3......not fun.

Needless to say, we didn't go look at our new goats yesterday. We're going to go this week - we were supposed to go today, but they have things they need to do before it rains. Looks like we'll get 3 Nubians (!!) and 2 Cashmeres....I would have been happy with 1 and 4; this is MUCH better. :grin: My current plans involve building a new barn next to the current barn for the Cashmeres, and keeping just the dairy breeds in this barn. We've already got the goat pen separated, so it wouldn't be too much work; long-term plans involve buying the Utility panels as we have funds and doing the entire place with them. Horses and goats can't bend them, they won't break easily, and they'll keep *everything* where they should be. Once the horse paddocks are re-done, we'll be able to let the goats run with the horses. LONG-long-term plans involve trying to save up to purchase the property next door to us.....but that won't happen for a LONG time. Unless we win the lottery.....:lol:

Herself is crocheting me a hat I can wear to the barn - my chullo is great, but not goat-friendly. I get snarly when they taste my tassels. :lol: I'm working on a hat for a distant clan-cousin....he bought the yarn and told me to have fun. :sigh: It's hard to knit for someone you don't *know*, y'know? I mean - if he'd handed me a pattern it'd be no problem; being told "Have fun" makes it impossible. I don't know WHAT he, just because *I* like it, doesn't mean he will. Ah, well......I'm getting to try some color-patterns I wouldn't have gotten to for a while. :grin:

SG is out getting me donut holes. For some reason, I am CRAVING them......Himself cooked bacon for me.....I could get used to being sick! :lol: We've lit the woodstove 2x so's nice and toasty. Too bad it'll be 70* was 34 this AM when I drug myself out to milk. :shiver: Need to get the propane heater set up, I think.....