November 8th, 2010

Calvin: Toilet


Spent most of yesterday in bed again. I'm feeling better...except that I have a nasty sounding cough. :sigh: Still....better than the sore throat!

Tried out the propane heater this AM....the goats...well, Annie stopped, stared at the glowing orange thing on the wall, sneezed, then hopped on up, because there was FOOD there, people! Rosa took 1 look, turned around, and tried to escape. We ended up milking her on the floor, because NO way, NO how was she getting ANYWHERE near that strange glowing thing! Mocha looked, then hopped up, because she wasn't near it; Zorra stood for a moment then her hunger won. :grin:

It was nice and warm in there today - and 43* outside. So, the heater STAYS and the goats can just get used to it. :lol:

Contract work today, so I gotta start gathering stuff up before heading out.