November 17th, 2010

Disney: L&S Caffeine


Didn't sleep well last night...too much on my mind, I guess. :sigh:

Brianna didn't eat anything wrong yesterday. This AM, she was killing one of Himself's dirty socks - silly pupper had gone into his room and pulled it out of the dirty clothes hamper! It was a hand-knit (of COURSE!), so I got it away from her....she seemed chastised. We'll see......

Have hay coming Saturday (I hope). We called the guy, and asked what it would take for *him* to deliver to us. I wanted 100 bales......he said for 100 bales, he'd charge $1/bale extra for delivery.....understand that delivery includes unloading and stacking. I told SG to tell him to sign me up and bring it out! Yes, we're paying a little extra - renting a 16' trailer would be $50, then the time it would take us to go out there, load up, haul it home, unload and stack's worth the extra $50 to me. SG is finally starting to understand the way I think - he didn't argue about it at all. :grin:

Of course, this means the kids' going to Granny's will be in limbo - oh, they'll go, we just don't know what time.

Change of subject: People are whacked. We were talking at work yesterday about the probable failure of the dollar. *I* said that I didn't want to have a lot of $$$ on hand, because if it falls, it's worthless. Co-worker (who is usually highly intelligent) said "No, you're not thinking. I want to have $$$$ on hand. Because even if it falls, it'll still be worth the same to me as to you - and if milk goes to $100/gallon, well, I'll have it." UM. No, you won't - because IF the dollar falls (and I should say WHEN, not if), there will be NO money for the truckers to put gas in their trucks to *get* the milk to the store. So, even if you can "afford" $100/gallon milk, there won't be any in the store to buy.

It's coming......I just don't know *when*. I'm hoping it's not SOON-soon....I've got some stuff in the works to hopefully pay off the house - and I'd like to have *that* done first. It's not in my hands, though......

I just can't think like some people. It's why I've been telling folks to stock up for YEARS,'s just about too late. Things will go down fast - if you're not ready, well.......I'm sorry.