November 19th, 2010

fiber: Chullo

It's beginning to look a lot like...

winter; Cold is in the air /stops singing :lol: It was a nice 34* this AM; I am SO glad we have the propane heater in the milk room! It really puts out the heat!

Got complimented on my chullo this AM - a tenant at work said it was "lovely!" :squee: It's warm, too - and I Love it! I need to work on some Turkish socks to match, I think....

Brianna had a hay-day yesterday. The loot hauled outside: My Aussie hat, camera (in the bag, thankfully - no damage!), pair of Himself's shorts, ball of acrylic yarn (not eaten/unwound, just hauled out), 2 pairs of shoes (she had to OPEN the door to get to them!), 2 origami projects, 1 fingerless glove (guess Wool-Ease is tasty, because she ATE the ribbing)....I think that's all. :sigh: She's got toys; guess I need to get some bones for her. She seems to like the tougher stuff...although she HAS some kongs! She's almost 6 months....teething'll stop soon, right?

Physics Phestival: The "Binary Counting Machine" was finished late last evening, and works the way Himself wanted it to. I have NO idea what it's supposed to do; it looks like a pinball machine without the paddles. :scratches head: Whatever - he's excited over it, and He and SG had fun, so...:shrug:

My washer is just about DEAD. I put a load in this AM, and when it hit the rinse cycle it started making the most HORRIBLE noises. The dryer, on the other hand, has decided to play nice - the sheets I washed yesterday dried in a little over 2 hours. :sigh: Ah, well - new set arrives next week. (Timing. It's ALL about the timing! I'm glad we were able to buy a new set, and I'm glad they're hauling the old ones off. This set just needs to limp along until next Friday...)

Pot Roast in the crockpot for dinner. :mmmmmmm: Easy-peasy: Take frozen roast, plunk in crockpot. Take 1 package Lipton soup and dip mix (Garlic and Onion, in this case, but Golden Mushroom is good, so is the plain Onion) and dump it over roast. Add about 2 cups water; wine to taste. Put on lid; if it doesn't fit, cover with foil. Set on low for 8 hours. Nummy dinner, little muss, littler fuss. (Yes, you can add veggies - this is my "gotta get to work in 10 minutes, what AM I doing for dinner?" recipe. :lol:)

Serve with rice/mashed potatoes/other veggies. Maybe fresh bread....:mmmmmmm: