November 25th, 2010

pets: Calvin

Happy Turkey-Day!

Bread in the oven, cake was bought (and slipped in the Jeep - it's ugly now, but still tasty!). Goats have been milked, fed, and Zorra and Calvin are in the "Luv Shack". :giggle:

Took Bree and Snips to PetSmart yesterday....Bree needs the socialization, but won't sit quiet in the car yet. Snips was all into the store "Oooh! Toys! Food! People! Fun!" while Bree stayed behind my legs. :grin: She didn't whine, didn't freak - which is good, and better than the first time we took her anywhere. I foresee more shopping trips for her!

The temps have dropped 20* in the last 30 minutes. It was 72* when I went out to's now 54*. And raining. Gonna be a damp, dreary day, I think.

Everyone stay safe, and don't overeat! :wink:

Kids come home tonight!
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