November 28th, 2010

Calvin: Toilet


haven't slept in 24 hours. Fun times, fun times.......brain won't shut off. :sigh:

New washer and dryer are good, but odd. They play a little tune when you open the door, or when they cut off. Sounds like a cell phone -very strange. Clean well, though, and dry quickly.

The Nubians have sweaters, now. Only, XXL dog sweaters don't really fit Nubians well. They work...for now. I need to get some polar fleece, I think, and make horse-blanket like coats for them. Still, at least they are warm, and the sweaters were on sale. They seem to appreciate them, so that's something.

Need to try and tire myself out. I am SO. TIRED. it isn't funny. :sigh: