November 29th, 2010

Disney: L&S Dance with me

It's raining....

but not pouring. Just a slow, almost gentle rain. We needed it.....but maybe not now. :lol:

Went from 30* yesterday AM to 65* this AM. No, that's not a mis-type, it's just how Texas rolls. :sigh: You never know WHAT the weather will do - which is why my goats have sweaters, my milk room has A/C and propane heat, and I change clothes many times each day. Yesterday we needed the wood stove, today? Not hardly.

I'm having a hard time focusing on anything - I try to read, and the words blur. Watch news/DVDs - can't focus on what's going on. Knitting - ditto. Not sure - but I have the feeling something's gonna blow soon.

Hannukah begins Wednesday evening.....we're ready, but not. I have a blue-and-white tablecloth, and the menorah, but that's it as for decorating. While I like the simplicity, it seems.......not enough, what with all the garish chrismess displays that have popped up.

Gotta go search the backyard - I am missing 1 house shoe, the TV remote, and a few socks. :grin: