December 5th, 2010

pets: Finn

I have photos...

but I need to edit them. Seems....well, let's start over, shall we?

Friday went well - the doc got Herself to actually talk to him, which is HUGE. You know about my needle-score (27 stitch holders/cable needles, 30+ circs, most 8+, but quite a few 4's and under, 40+ pairs of straights, mostly 4+).

Went out at 7 AM Saturday to usual, I paused at the barn door to greet the horses. Dusty and Finn were at the gate, as normal, but Heart wasn't.......I had to do a double-take. Seems Mr. Finn was sneaky last January - she presented me with a barely-an-hour-old filly. :boggle:

We had brought Heart into this pasture last Fall, when she got snake-bit. I gave her a round of Penicillin, to prevent secondary infection, then gave her a dose of Lute, the "oops" shot. *I* thought we'd be OK - Lute *works*. Apparently Finn was able to jump the fence in and out without detection, because this little girl is his spitting image. :sigh:

It's also odd - mares don't normally cycle in January, the days aren't long enough. So...we have a miracle Hannukah baby.

I ran to the house for the camera and Sweet Geek, who was just as shocked as I was. Yes, we have photos - she's a pretty, bright chestnut, with 4 white socks and a blaze. And Dusty's foxy ears. :lol:

Temps dropped to 34* last night, so I am glad I didn't make goat coats - I used the polar fleece to whip up a baby blanket. It's not perfect but it's warm. I'm hitting eBay in a moment to order a proper, waterproof one - this one will work for now, but won't stop water.

Now we're wondering about Magic. *She* doesn't appear preggers, but if Heart was, well......:bigger sigh: At least we've stopped Finn from doing this ever again......

So, pictures to come soon-ish. I have photos of the new goats, and the new baby. Don't know how long it'll take...we're watching the temps so I can put on/take off blankets. Don't want her to get chilled, but don't want her to be unable to regulate her own temp, either. I have to do the same for Dusty, big deal, except Heart is VERY protective and makes us WORK for the privilege of touching her baby. I'm getting a good work-out....