December 9th, 2010

Disney: L&S Caffeine

Hanukkah is over.....

and last night was THE BOMB. I pulled the "OH! Look - I forgot I had these!" trick....brought out 3 boxes. (Quick aside - I don't label the presents. Each kid has their own paper - this is to keep them from shaking boxes to try and figure out what's in there. Hard to get excited when you don't know which box is yours. :nods:) 2 smaller ones, and 1 big one in both papers.

They opened the little ones first...and the squeals began. The little ones were the games......Himself looked at Herself and said "You DO KNOW what this means, right? RIGHT????!!!!!" which was hysterical.

At this point, you could tell that they thought it was *1* game unit. :snicker: They both ripped off the paper...and look at that! 2 more boxes! What could it be? (They still had no clue - the 2 boxes stumped them. I am good, guys! :lol:)

Needless to say, the DS's are a HUGE hit. They came with rules - they get the games after dinner, and can play them until bedtime. They have to take baths, AND they have to give me the units BEFORE 8 - with NO reminders. If they fail to do either, no game the next night. Last night went well........and it was quiet and peaceful in the house from 6 to 8. :lol:

I'm glad my kids don't mind pre-owned stuff. Herself asked about game costs...when I told her the difference between GameStop and Wal-Mart, she agreed GS was a MUCH better deal (seriously - $5 vs. $30? NO comparison.)

We've started the new med schedule. The new sleep med seemed to work.....and - SO FAR - this morning has been good. Don't know if it's the half Adderall, or if the sleep med is helping. :fingers crossed:

Baby horse LOVES her new blanket - we put it on her, and she stood there and started primping. :snicker: The goats like their new coats, too - so yesterday was good, overall. I have some cell phone photos of baby - I don't know if I can post them today or not...depends on work.