January 4th, 2011

Disney: Tink Damn

Lord, I really need to be unemployed....

I am at the point that I HATE, absolutely DETEST, the public school system. Dec. 17 I had to leave early, because Himself had a meltdown during the Holiday Party. Basically, he played the school, and won. He didn't want to be there, he didn't like that the counselor called me to ask if he could do something else, or if I wanted him at the party. I put it off on *him* - why should I make the decision? *I* wasn't there! He chose to go to the party....so, he created a scene so he could go home early.

The school decided he was "in crisis" (BS) and they would not allow him back without a note from his psychologist saying he was "fit for school". We called and got an emergency visit....and the doctor told me up front that Himself had played the school. "There's NOTHING wrong with this kid except low self-esteem. I'll write a letter - but the school hasn't a clue how to handle above-average kids."

They went back to school today...and the principal called me saying they had no letter, so come pick Himself up. Problem - I am *60* miles away with no car (I rode in with my co-worker today). Plus, the doc said he wrote the letter....I can't help it no one can find it in their email box. :sigh: Add to it that the doc is in MEXICO right now...:bangs head:

Doc said he can re-send it from his iPhone. SG is dealing with the school - I told him I have HAD ENOUGH. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is NOTHING wrong with the boy that common sense couldn't "fix"....the school is just full of stupid idiots. (And yes, I don't care if someone from there reads this - they need a reality check. :grrrrr:

So....I am waiting on my coworker to quit. If I walk off, I get nothing....I'm NOT greedy, but damn, I've been here 20 years and don't want to leave with nothing - I'd like to be able to pay off the Jeep and most of the credit cards so we could live on just SG's salary (2 mortgages are KILLING us. Can't move his aunt in right now.....not enough $$$ to convert the garage to a livable room). However.....this can't go on. If my boss would just get fed up with the business, I'd be OK.....:sigh:

Not what I'd planned to write today....wanted to write about my lovely puppy EATING the bedroom rug......or my experiments in "fun" and cheap meals (last night was pizza croissants...interesting).....instead I have to vent about idiotic "teachers". :bangs head:
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