January 7th, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

All fuzzy headed today...

There was a coyote RIGHT at the buck barn this AM. In all the years we've been here (6), they've NEVER been that close, especially not when HUMANS were out. I'm glad Daisy is in with them and not out by herself - she'd be easy pickings. :sigh: We need a shotgun, methinks....

Got my soap cutter yesterday - it's a thing of beauty. :grin: Cumberland Acoutics - it's handmade, out of sturdy wood, and it's very well made. It came unfinished - they recommend mineral oil, but I decided to use Tung Oil instead - I know it seals and protects. Can't wait to start soaping and try it out! :grin: Cutting 6 bars at one time...what a concept!

I'm waiting on 2 molds...1 is silicone only, the other is...a....Woodfields. :gulp: Pricey, but supposedly worth it. We'll see.....I need to ramp up my production anyway - my SIL keeps selling out! And now my MIL wants to order some......yeah, my pokey little 24 bars at a time just isn't gonna cut it. The Woodfields mold makes 18 per batch - the 24 is 3 batches. The cheapie silicone one should make 12, if I've figured right....we'll see. Boxes are easy to slap together, it's the silicone liner I can't make.

Boss is due in......:sigh: The break's been nice.