January 10th, 2011

Calvin: Faces

It's snowing....

lightly. After getting about 2" yesterday, and 1" of freezing rain. It's below freezing, and ICY. Milking was....fun. Slip-sliding away.....at least I didn't fall. So far, school is still in session, but late....which means I go in late. :sigh: If we're lucky, they'll cancel school - right now, they open at 10.

The soap smells *fantastic*. This go-round, I did mostly cream soaps....we only had 2 gallons of milk, but while rustling around in the dark recesses of my 'fridge I unearthed some whipping cream that was out of date (do NOT ask, 'k? :lol:).....since lye doesn't care, and since it really doesn't matter in soap (seriously. I know a soaper that uses the leftover lamb-bar milk in her soaps....she picks out the hay, but it's been out in the barn all day long. Her soap is still fantastic - the lye eats all the bad stuff.) I decided to go ahead and use it (Man, is this a LONG sentence, or what? :lol:)

Anyway, it was all slightly sticky - which is to be expected with cream soaps. The first batch was 100% cream - it turned into soap on a stick when the lye hit. The rest of the batches I mixed in 20% goat's milk - it still solidified, but not as much. My cutter sliced right thru them - it was so nice to have 6 perfect bars with 1 "thump". (It's a Cumberland Multi-bar cutter - a wooden version of the Tank.) I really do wish I done this sooner - the lack of effort, and the time savings is well worth the cost!

I also did a double batch of shampoo bars.......all was great until SG de-molded them. Both molds popped the soap out too quick for him to catch - out of 24 bars, 6 are "ugly", and, therefore, MINE. :lol: Slight dings, flat areas - I don't care. It still works!

The kids are glued to the TV, watching the news with the hopes our district will close. Our county/city offices have closed (we live in the County Seat)....so they have high hopes. :snicker:
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No school today! Which means No Work, either! I'm glad, on the one hand - SG left at 6 and *still* hasn't made it in yet. The roads aren't horrible, but most are shut down due to accidents - we simply don't know how to drive in this weather. :grin:

Off to figure out something for the kids to do.....