January 13th, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound


Not what I intended to write today, but it needs doin', so (25* this AM, for the record)......Collapse )

I'll spend the day cleaning...Himself will be given the nasty-er jobs. School needs to be a better option than staying home with Mom. :snicker:
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Well, that was fun...

today did NOT go as planned. Got the kids up, Herself ready for school, and discovered one of Himself's gerbils was DOA. :sigh: He was *devastated*......so, after a quick conference with SG, I ran him to PetSmart to get another one - because "I don't want Sunlight to be lonely". With tears. :sigh:

Ended up with no new rodent - seems that it's very hard to introduce a new rodent to an older one. The younger one could end up beating up on the older one....and Himself decided it wasn't fair to Sunlight to do that. (I let him make the decision - I asked him what we'd do if the 2 didn't get along. He said, well, we could get another tank for the new one....I said, OK but would that be fair? He'd have a tank; Sunlight has a tank with a ramp to a cage up top. Much more room - how would that be fair...and then, if Sunlight dies, we'd *still* have this same problem.

So, instead of a new rodent, we bought Sunlight a new liberty ball, a new puzzle playset (that he's gonna eat....plastic is yummy!), some timothy hay and some treats. To try and "help him cope with his loss". (It's a *rodent*. I don't think he'll notice.) (No, I don't like gerbils too much. They're OK...but I prefer pets I can actually interact with. Gerbils.....not so much.)

We got home at 10...and I had to perform a rodent funeral. :rolls eyes: Still....it helped Himself, so....I can dig a hole and plant the box to help my son cope.

Meanwhile, he cleaned his gerbil cage, set up the new playset, and made sure Sunlight was settled.

I then sent him outside to feed Daisy, clean up the backyard, and bring in more firewood.

I cleaned my kitchen and did laundry. Himself then made chocolate chip cookies....I think he's trying to get on my good side. :lol: