January 17th, 2011

Disney: L&S Caffeine

Quick Mish-mash

Woodfields shipped my mold today - Huzzah! Should get it by Friday (I hope!)

Daisy is doing better. Vet lanced the hematoma, goop came out - and is still coming out. :shudder: Leah is in with her and the bucks, so all is well there. (Should be at $310!)

Soap - tried a new recipe Saturday. Put it in a silicone bread pan. Bread pan worked great - but the resulting log was 1" too wide to fit in either of my cutting set-ups. After whacking 1" off the long side, it fit in my multi-cutter...but the bars are wide and short. Odd...but OK for testers. Not sure how this recipe will work - the soap was still sticky 24 hours after pouring, and not all of the cocoa butter got assimilated.....so I have cocoa butter streaks in the bars. Again - this is for home use, so no biggie, but I gotta be sure I melt the CB before using (this time I smashed it all up. I thought the lye mixture would melt it all...I guessed wrong. :shrug:) - this batch is safe to use (no zap!), but it's odd-looking.

Elbow - not any better. :sigh: Don't wanna go to the doc - too much expense for not much help. I'll just keep the brace on it and not do much. :sigh:

Contract work today - gotta skitter!