January 18th, 2011

Calvin: Toilet

Dreary Tuesday...

I lied about Daisy. She was down all day yesterday, and is still down this AM. This is bad for a horse.....when I went out last night to help get her up....her back legs wouldn't move. It was like they were frozen/locked. :big sigh: SG is home today, waiting for the vet...but I don't think there's anything he can do. I don't know if she slipped and hurt her back, or if Leah stepped on her (the goats don't weigh enough to hurt her; besides, they stay away from her, except when she's eating. Which she hasn't done for 24 hours, either.) No, I'm not doing too well.

The other animals are - at the moment - OK.

It's raining and 50* outside.....fits the mood.

I'm no fun today...sorry.
Calvin: Toilet

:sigh: Sad update....

Daisy had to be put down. Vet came - she now had 2 *broken* legs (not fractured, but *broken* broken) and....there just wasn't anything he could do. :sigh:

The theory is that Leah stepped on her....we knew her rear leg had a possible fracture, but she was using it, so - while concerned - we wern't *worried* (if that makes sense.) Rest and lack of stress would have helped it heal.......the broken foreleg came out of nowhere. Vet didn't adress the hind end being frozen issue.

SG is waiting on the removal people.

Life is kinda sucky right now.