January 19th, 2011

Firefly: Shiny Engine

You know what they say.....

The Lord Taketh, and He Giveth:

Yeah, I know it goes the opposite, but it's more fitting this way. :grin:

Last night, Ms. LaDue presented us with an absolutely adorable buckling. :sigh: Apparently, Elvis Goliad matured earlier than we thought, and managed to weasel his way into her affections. :lol: (No, there is NO doubt who the father is - Baby Fuzzy Butt there is the spitting image of an Alpine - except for the fuzzy cashmere covering him.:lol:)

We don't need another buckling.....but he's got BLACK and WHITE cashmere! So, the current plan is to wether him this weekend (and disbudd him - he's already got horn buds growing) and keep him for a year to evaluate his fiber. IF it's Cashmere, he stays as a fiber-producer. If not...well, yearlings dress out better than kids. :sigh:

She only had one, which is a bit disappointing - I would LOVE a doeling that looks like him! She would improve udders in the Cashmere herd, and maybe add color. (LOVE colored fiber. Not everybody does, but I do.)

I'm gonna lose my cred pretty soon with all these oops-babies! We hadn't planned on breeding any of the Cashmeres this year, just the dairy does, so this is a total surprise. I spent a few minutes this AM checking the ligs of ALL the Cashmere does.....just to see. None of them are mushy...but who knows. We might end up with a bunch of crosses....not planned, but......we might be sending some to freezer camp. :big sigh:

I'm thinking about adding LaDue to the milking string mornings only, once the colostrum is gone. It'd add to the supply, wouldn't hurt FuzzButt, and might up her production. We'll see.....Rosa just isn't producing squat, and I'll need to dry up Annie soon (IF she's bred....I really, really need to draw blood. I really, really don't want to...I don't like blood. But there's no other way to tell......until she pops. :lol:) Mocha's not due until May.....Inara is due March 15-ish (and LOOKS it - I really need to get a photo of Ms. Whale. She waddles! :lol:) And, from a marketing standpoint, Cashmere milk soap is just....da bomb! :lol:

At least LaDue managed to salvage a very bad day. He is cute, and fuzzy......and I'm salivating over his fiber. :fingers crossed: it's all Cashmere.....Pitch Black Cashmere. :mmmmmmmmm: (And white - we don't have *white* fiber, just cream. I'm drooling, it's so pretty!)