January 20th, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

It was a dark and stormy

morning. Well, not so much stormy as COLD and rainy and blustry. But you get the idea...:lol:

Baby buckling is doing well. He's almost got the hop-twist-bounce move down. Almost. He can hop....he can twist....and he can move, but not in 1 easy motion. So it's :hop: pause :twist: pause :skitter: :snicker:

He's a soft, curly snot, but his fur is a little prickly. The pure cashmere kids from last year weren't...but we're not making any decisions *yet*. There may be good fiber hiding in all that Alpine hair, and we're willing to give it time to develop. I need to get a list of "foodie" names together...because any Nubian or Alpine bucklings are destined for the freezer, and need call names...I'd rather say "We're having Paneer for dinner" instead of "We're having Fluffy for dinner", y'know?

So, hit me with some foodie-type names. Like, Curry. :grin:

Got my Woodfields mold last night - it's nice. The liner looks sturdy - we'll see. I plan on testing it this weekend, if the weather holds. And if I get my WSP order in (should be delivered today).