January 25th, 2011

me: portrait


Barely. Yesterday I got to work and it was about 80*. With an odd, burning-plasticy smell. :ick: It was just me - co-worker had a dental appointment, so I made the executive decision to live with it until Ms. boss came in. While a good idea...it really wasn't - Ms boss didn't come in until 12:45, it kept getting hotter, and the SMELL - ugh.

By the time I was able to get "maintenance" to look at it, it was 89*. At first, they told me that the smell was from a light fixture - right. That's been out for months? Uh-huh. And that there was NO heat on in our office, as they had "turned off the heater to fix"...whatever it was that they were draining all over the floor. Therefore, it was "because of the bank of windows you have there." Um.....right, only it was *42* outside, so how could it be *89* inside - with NO heat, yet????

Turns out it was a blower - it had gotten frozen, and, although they didn't say this, was about to go. I backed everything up yesterday as a precaution - we've had 1 fire there already, but not in our suite - and went home with a HORRIBLE headache. They replaced 1 blower motor, and had ordered another one (why, if it was only 1? And if it "wasn't major"????)

It took 1 Ibuprofen and 1 Benedryl to get me to sleep......I got up this AM, milked, got the kids to school, then crashed and took a nap. (I have the day off because the kids have a doc appt. this afternoon, and the mood Ms boss has been in...it was easier on everyone to say Herself was sick. Seriously. It sucks...but I'm not gonna be dealing with it much longer, so I can cope.)

Critters are fine. Kenzie needs to learn that OUTdoors is the bathroom....I haven't had a tiny puppy in a long time. Bree figured that out within 30 minutes; Snips in 5. :sigh: We should have named her Puddles or Piddles...because that's all she does. :grin: She's torn a hole in Himself's jeans, discovered the fun of pulling leashes off the wall, figured out that a whine and pathetic look gets your ears skritched, and is a total mess. But a lovable one. On the upside, my floor are the cleanest they've been since we moved in.....:lol: