January 30th, 2011

Disney: L&S Caffeine

So. Tired.

Let's see...yesterday Himself had Saturday school. Picked him up at noon, headed to the store for his NASH-A project, and got home at 3. Our goat mentors came out at 5 to see Vinnie.....it was busy, even though we didn't do much.

Today was the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo! LONG day; lots of walking - but we saw lots of different cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits. And horses.....the rabbits were the funniest. English Angoras peering out of their furnishings with a bored attitude, French lops lounging around, Finnish Giants (with Big Nasty Pointed Teeth! :lol:) scrunched into tiny cages - all cute, all fluffy.

Saw prize-winning Herefords, and Angus, and watched a sheep class. Looked at the Boers, but told the kids to practice Bio-Security - Boer breeders have no clue about CAE or CL, and I really don't want to risk MY goats.

We also looked at all the vendors - spent a lot of time talking fences and tractors. To upgrade our Kubota to one that will move round bales...wow. Our tractor was $17K in '02 WITH the box blade, the front-end loader, and the bush hog. The one recommended (which was NOT the most expensive!) is $29K for Just the Tractor. :blink: We won't even MENTION John Deere....think double. Seriously...it's insane. The guy did say they take trade-ins, and that our auger would work on a larger tractor. But not the brush hog...and one that fits it will run about $4K. :gag:

I don't think a new tractor is in the cards - prices are nuts. They'd have to have another package deal for me to even seriously consider it - I mean, yeah, so it'll move round bales (IF we bought the attachment, at $400)...so what? If you can't mow with it, it's no good....so.....no. Not gonna go that much into debt for basically a worthless piece of machinery. (If they offered the package like mine had, well, it'd be more tempting. But not right now, on 1 income with 2 mortgages.)

It was fun, and we lucked out - the family at the next window buying tickets had 2 free ones that didn't include the rodeo. They wanted to see it, and we didn't - so they gave us them. :whee!: Savings of $15 - 1 adult and 1 child ticket. MUCH appreciated!

They had a booth set up with an incubator - and chicks were hatching! My kids were all :eh: but the rest of the crowd was freaking out - too funny. They also had a "donkey and foal"...only the "foal" was as large as it's (supposed) mother. :snicker: The Boer doe and kids were fun - triplets that the FFA guys were letting bounce around in the alley between the people and the pens. They were so cute - but our goats are cuter. :snicker:

It was a fun but tiring day. We probably walked....5 miles? 10? over the course of the day. I'm sore, but it's a good type of sore. Bet I'll sleep well tonight....