February 1st, 2011

fiber: Chullo

Walkin' in a Winter....

Slush. Coworker called at 4:45 - we're closed today. Probably tomorrow too. SG made an executive decision to work from home. The school closed at 5:15...so we're all home. (You'd think that'd be great...but I don't need the stress over Ms boss. This isn't doing *me* any good!)

The weather outside IS frightful - ice, with snow on top, with sleet on top of *that*. Milking was....fun, because the skylights leak a bit...and there's one over the milkstands. Frozen drips aren't fun...for people OR goat!

The dogs are refusing to go outside...which is great for the puppy. :sigh: They'd rather camp out in front of the woodstove.

Drew blood last night on Annie and Inara. Once we found the jugular, it wasn't hard. SG is the designated vampire, I am the designated goat-holder. Works for us! :lol: I was gonna mail it in today....we'll see if I can slog to the PO later. If I can't, well, the samples are in the fridge.

Off to start chili......that sounds like a good idea for dinner.