February 4th, 2011

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with winter. 21* with 2" of snow so far this AM - we expected to get 3" - 7". Haven't gone out to milk yet....

I know that Jerry wants to set all these records - but this is just plain silly. He needs to let go his ego so we can go back to our normal winter - 50*! I mean, I know he wants to make the teams comfortable.....but this is going a bit too far!!!

:grump: Gonna go get the cinnamon rolls out of the oven and eat breakfast before suiting up to deal with the goats. It's too damn cold!!!
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Question for Homeschoolers

Are you a member of the HSLDA? If so, why? If not, why not? What benefits do you get (besides the promise of legal defense, I mean)? Have you used any of the things offered (discounted curriculum, assistance with special needs kids (including gifted/talented), etc? If so, are the discounts good, or can you beat them on eBay/CraigsList/etc?

I mean, it *sounds* good...but it's $115/annually. I can do a LOT with $115.....but the thought of somebody professional "having my back" is pretty persuasive.

And yes, I'm in a very permissive state....but you've got bozos everywhere that want to cause problems in the name of "the children". I really don't want to get in over my head with "do-gooders"....but I don't want to spend money unnecessarily, either.

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Real Quick

Got the BioPryn report back - (they got our samples yesterday - color me impressed! The airports were closed Tuesday, so I didn't expect it would get there as expected!) Inara is pregnant. Of course - she's a whale! :lol: Annie is NOT - sorta surprised by that, but not really. This is good - I am going to milk her through. She's still giving us about a pint/day, which isn't bad for February, and she doesn't look like she's gonna stop any time soon. She should go back up come Spring.

CAE results not in yet. I'm not worried - too much. Annie is Negative, I know that, and Inara *should* be, but I wanted to be sure-sure. Don't want to pool the milk if she -Lord forbid! - comes up positive....and we'd have a LOT of hard decisions to make if she is. :fingers crossed: She's a lovely doe, but we can't keep her if she's positive - don't want to take that risk. :sigh:

Anyway - Shalom Shabbat!
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