February 8th, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Hammer Tingling

Home today....

because Herself has an 11:30 doctor's appt. And both kids have a 5:00 Psychologist appt. Fun, fun, fun.

Yesterday: OK. It was a very weird experience. Ms boss came in, she and coworker discussed buying more ceramic stuff, then she asked me "So. How are things around your house?"

I took it as an opening, and said "House? Find. Kids....not so much." and proceeded to tell her the doc says we need to homeschool Himself.

She.....focused on the bullying going on at school and TOTALLY phased on the whole "need to Homeschool" part of the discussion. :sigh: Seriously......it went totally over her head.

The conversation ended with "Well, you should know more after your meeting tomorrow, right? Maybe he's got a workable solution." Ummmm.....he does. I told you - HOMESCHOOL. :bangs head:

Coworker told me that she did ask if she needed to start interviewing.......but coworker wants to see if I can work from home :sigh: and only come in 2 1/2 days per month (when Financial Advisor's work is due - coworker can't quite figure out the online system they use for billing, and - while it's not hard - she doesn't think it'd be easy to train someone on. Whatever...). The money (discounted salary, of course) would be nice, but.......honestly? I want OUT.

SG, of course, loves this idea because we'd have a little extra money. :grrrrrrrrrrr: I'm just gonna let it ride and see what happens.

If I don't kill the puppy first........(how's that for a segue?)

Got up this AM to find 3 puddles and 4 piles. Plus, Snips had apparently gotten on the table and knocked off my UNOPENED except for pulling out the instructions Owl Mitten Kit (for coworker's birthday) and Kenzie (or Snips - Bree isn't into yarn, thank the LORD for that!) drug it outside...where she had a heyday strolling the solid color yarn ALL. Over. The. Yard. :sigh: 4 breaks, lots of tangles. It took 2 hours to untangle.......it was going to be my next project. I was going to start it this morning....now? I'm going to take my sweater and chill first...I just can't face the mittens right now.

And SG? Was no help - he got mad because I accused his "innocent" puppy of doing damage. Sound familiar? Yeah.....same situation as with Snips. If he'd get his ego out of the way he'd realize it doesn't reflect on HIM...but he'd rather take it personally. :bangs head: (And no, Bree wasn't involved - she hasn't touched yarn since we first got her and I yelled at her. Yarn is verboten, and she knows it. Snips has a record....and I caught Kenzie red-pawed yesterday with a different skein of yarn. So....yeah. Circumstantial, but pretty solid evidence.)

So.....gotta go round up my sweater, then we're heading out early. I need to acquire some size 4 and 5 DPNs (I have some, but have NO IDEA where they are. Can't do the mittens without them.......:sigh:) and I'm out of Penzey's Taco Seasoning. JoAnn's and Penzey's are both close to the doc......and we have time....so......plus, I have a 40% off coupon. Oh, and I have to head to the Post Office, because I finally got around to filling out the goats registration/transfer papers. (Yes, me - SG kept putting it off. I figured, it's time - I've got 1 goat due in a month, and she's not registered yet. :sigh: Papers will make it a little easier to sell, if we decide to go that route. Plus, we can ask a little bit more......I'm not planning on selling, but it's something to keep in mind.)

Maybe Ms boss'll figure out I need to stay home......originally I wanted 2/15 to be It....but coworker wants me to stay to 2/28. Either one is fine......