February 9th, 2011

fiber: Chullo

I am SO DONE with Winter!

41* when we went out to milk at 4:30. I remarked that the weather people missed this one - they said Arctic Blast by 3 AM. I also said it was because I bought 84 sticks of firewood yesterday (2 stacks. I was NOT gonna run out this time!). That pretty much should have guaranteed we'd not get any more cold weather - I'm ready! It was drizzling, but nothing major.

Only, by 6? Temps had dropped to 30, and it's still dropping. Looks like 1 degree every 10 15 minutes or so. The drizzle has changed to sleet, and the roads are icing up quickly.

Yesterday, schools were going to run 2 hours late......I just got a text. CLOSED. Again. :sigh: Ah, well - "slave" labor! Today's goal is to get the weaving studio straightened up.

Talked to coworker - yesterday, she approached Ms boss about me working a bit from home (we're talking MAYBE 8 hours a week. Seriously - it's what I do AT work. There's...not a whole lot of stuff to do, so we have to make-work so she doesn't have a fit.). She was agreeable to try it, at a discounted salary of course. I'm fine with that - it won't take that long for Himself to "get" the lessons, and I can write up revenue in-between or during his free time. Not that I really *want* to, you understand - I want out - but it has relieved Sweet Geek's mind about the money.

The never-ending shawl is DONE. And I mean *DONE* - ends woven in, washed, blocked, dried, and folded. I know, I know - pictures or it didn't happen....but they're gonna have to wait for better weather, as my floors are disgusting and there's nowhere else to lay it out. (Not worth mopping when the dogs will just go back out into the slushy stuff again. I just vacuum up the grass and try to ignore the rest.)

Need to think about dinner.....probably tacos. I don't feel like chili.....but tacos sound good.d And warm. :lol: