February 13th, 2011

Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

Busy busy busy

Let's see.....I updated Friday, so you're up to date. :lol:

Yesterday was Clean up and Fix up day. The doe barn water spigot went *boom* when we turned the water on Friday evening - and I mean *BOOM*. It blew out a piece of pipe, cracked it a good 8" down, and was just a freaking mess. So Saturday AM we went out to get repair parts. I also picked up stuff to build a PVC mineral feeder, since Dulce had managed to tear the store-bought one off of the wall (she jumps into *everything*. I'll have to cobble together feeders next, as she's broken off the 2 "Goat Tuff" ones we have. :sigh:).

Also ran to TSC for milk-stand grains - it's time to start Inara and Annie on them. It's a "custom" mix - 50 pounds of whole oats, 20 pounds of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, approx. 25 pounds of cracked corn, and about 15 pounds of shredded Beet Pulp. Roughly $40; it'll last us to the Fall, if last year's batch is representative. (Yes, I had corn and beet pulp left over. The corn will be saved; the beet pulp is being fed to Heart to get her weight up.) The goats act like it's the best stuff EVER - they were BEGGING for more. :lol:

Got home and washed the goat coats, and hung them on the line. Yes, it's clothesline season in Texas again - 69* yesterday. THIS is what winter should be! :lol:

While SG repaired the water pipe, I assembled the mineral feeder - it was easy. 1 4" 3-way piece, 1 collar and screw top (for the bottom), 1 6" piece of 4" pipe, and another collar and screw top for the top. We attached it to the wall with metal strapping (left over from the balance tank for the milker) and voila! An un-climbable mineral feeder. The does mobbed it - they hadn't had minerals for a few months. Next payday I'll need to build another one for the bucks - I'm glad we have the 4" pipe sitting around, as that's the expensive part.

We still need to repair Heart's waterline - but that'll have to wait until next week. (No money. :sigh: Payday is Tuesday, thankfully!)

Today is laundry day and clean-up-the-house day. OH, and find-Himself's-boots-down-by-the-creek day, since the kids took the dogs for a walk to the creek (after being told NOT to go down there) and his boots got sucked off by the mud. :big sigh: The dogs need baths now, too....but the kids get to do that. THEY made the mess, they can clean it up!