February 15th, 2011

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head


Some days it's just not worth it, y'know? Yesterday was one of those days.

Morning went well. Ms boss decided it "wasn't her place" to talk to the Financial Advisor about me working from home, so I had to do it. No biggie- he's OK with stuff as long as the work gets done. He also said he figured other contract wouldn't care, either.

So. Coworker left for a dental appointment. Contract comes in. *We are sitting less than 8 feet from Ms boss* when I ask if it's OK for me to do their work at home. She says no problem. She leaves, I turn around to finish up a check I was working on and Ms boss says "WELL. What did she say?"

I apologize - I thought she heard me. Heck, she can hear coworker and me whispering about work, and contract and me were talking in NORMAL voices......but I apologized and told her what was said. I go back to work.

10 minutes later she comes over and reams me out, saying how RUDE I was, and how this is HER company and....I had to bite my tongue. Pot, meet Kettle. I apologized AGAIN. She ignored me until 4, when she told me (honestly, she ORDERED me) to shut it down and go home. All righty, then. I asked if she wanted me to turn off the fan (it was hot again) and got a grunted yes. I asked if she wanted me to shut the door, and got a curt No. I said "Have a nice evening!" - because I try to be polite - and got NOTHING. Not even a grunt. :sigh:

You want rude? Look in a mirror. I am not the one who is planning symphony dates, lunch dates, weekend vacations *with coworker* (who is VERY upset by that - but what can she do? She needs her job!) while the OTHER worker is sitting right there, being totally ignored. I am not the one who deliberately excludes half of the office (remember, this is a 2-employee office!) most of the time. I could go on...but I won't. The situation won't get any better, it's been like this for the past few years, and I'm tired. I didn't sleep last night because of this.....2 weeks. I can hang on 2 weeks - IF I'm given the chance.

Honestly, I don't think she wants this to work. Fine. I only agreed because my husband is freaking out over the money situation. I don't need any more stress......and she is a walking stress-causer. She's also got NO CLUE how to run an office......the past few days she's spent more time getting coworker to browse eBay for her or reading her personal mail then she has anything else (and she spends much of her time at the office reading the paper, or her personal mail, or writing personal letters......it's her company. Whatever. She can do what she wants - I honestly DO NOT care. We get the work done, so - eh.)

So, yeah - now you see what I get to deal with. This is not abnormal for her - it's her normal mode of operation with me. I'm surprised I didn't get the "You have to make a choice between this job and your family" speech that she gave coworker AS HER HUSBAND LAY DYING IN THE HOSPITAL. No, that's not a lie...and I honestly expected it. Whatever.....

Just wanted to document this, just in case. I should have been doing this all along....ah, well. Live and Learn.
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