February 21st, 2011

Calvin: Toilet

It's Done....

we gave the letter to Himself's Principal today. She took it well......and assumed we'd be re-enrolling him sometime in the future. Um. If I've QUIT my job (in this market) to homeschool him, because the school can't "deal with him"....why in the WORLD would I then turn around and re-enroll him in public school a few years from now? That.....doesn't make sense. :shakes head:

Herself had to go to school today - something about not passing her Benchmark test. I dunno...she ain't talking, and the teacher isn't calling (left many, MANY messages last week for her, and again today - we went INTO the school this AM to talk to the teacher, who "wasn't in yet". At 8 AM on a school day. Right....) Himself is currently on the floor, assembling a bookcase we bought for all the homeschooling books. (Cheap crap - $16 at Thrallmart. But it'll do the job, and it's "pretty". :snerk:)

Spent the morning at Fry's - SG decided yesterday that I needed Norton for my Mac, AND a portable hard drive for all the .pdf files I've been downloading. "Keep them all in 1 place", he said. :snicker: I now have 500 GB to fill up.....methinks I'll be hitting Google Books later and browsing. I've already got Harvey's Elementary Grammar and his Practical Grammar....and I've found worksheets for one of them on Google Books already (thanks to the freebie site I'm so upset about. :sigh: See....they offer good stuff on a daily basis. It's just the collections that have me riled up.)

Oh - and thanks for confirming that I wasn't being overly moral about the CD collection. None of the stuff was made *by* the people selling the CDs - they're all scans of OOP books; most of them from the 19th and early 20th centuries. This group also has CDs of audio files - mostly early 20th century radio shows - that they also sell collections of. It's not so much that they're *selling* CD collections - it's the price. I priced CDs at WalMart yesterday - they have them for $0.23/each. Jewel Cases run about $0.50 - so you're talking less than $1.00 invested.....that they are selling for $50. THAT'S what rubbed me the wrong way......$5.00? Sure, I can see that, and even justify it to myself. $10.....that would be pushing it, but...maybe. Anything over that? Pure greed, in my eyes.

SG is at the vet with Kenzie for her puppy shots. The vet will be by tonight to pull blood on the 5 remaining dairy goats......fun stuff. Spent yesterday trimming all the dairy girls' hooves; today I need to work on the Cashmeres. HATE it, but it's gotta be done, and I'm faster at it than SG is. Hurts, though - those girls don't like standing on 3 feet and fight. :sigh: I can't use my left hand to cut.....so.......ugh.

SG spent yesterday building a new nesting box setup. We'll go from 10 to 16 - the best part, though is that no hens can roost on top (that gets very messy!). The kids dug out the doe barn - complaining all the way, but it got done. I did goat feet and cleaned out the milkroom. Also filed our tax return - we should get a deposit on 3/4 - I hope so, I have milk machine parts I want to get! :lol: