February 22nd, 2011

pets: LaDue

It's Tuesday....

Let's see....vet came out last night. The blood draws went perfectly - the 3 milkers came in to the milk room and hopped right up on the stands for him, and the 2 maiden does didn't put up too much of a fight. I had the vaccutainers all ready; he showed SG how to find the vein and how to do the draw. We then talked about disbudding (someone had asked him to do it), and exactly *why* we wanted blood drawn. I sent him home with my copy of "Goat Medicine" - look. I know it's an expensive book. I know I lucked into it- but I don't understand it. He's got the education - I figure, if he has it, he can help lots of goats. If I never get it back...well, honestly? I can live with that. I have "The Goat Owner's Vet Book", which is written in laymen's terms, and I have all the printouts from DGI. I'd rather he have the *real* Vet book, so he can help other people.

It didn't hurt that he only charged us $50. :heh: I've got the samples all boxed up, ready for SG to run to the Post Office this afternoon.

Started Vinnie on his Corid last night. He's a cutie....hope he has cashmere! :fingers crossed:

Not much else going on.....