February 23rd, 2011

Dr Horrible: Fangirl

Blah de blah de blah...

Got my Med Vet order yesterday. Everything came in, except 1 box of gloves - and they thru in a diaper bag. ???? Not sure why, but we're going to use it for our kidding bag. Why not? :lol: I'm pleased with them - fast service, good prices - yeah, I'll be ordering from them again. :nods:

I need to find a good microscope for a budding scientist. NOT a toy one - we have one of those; it.....sucks. I mean, it's OK for just playing around, but not for serious stuff (I want to have him take water samples from the pond, creek, and water troughs, and compare them to a sample straight from the tap. Among other things.) I have a 'scope for fecal testing, but I really don't want that one used for this - it's small, it was cheap-cheap, and I'm not sure the magnification is good enough for this. Any recommendations? (The other reason I don't want to use my goat 'scope is because, well....he's a kid. Things happen.......and I'd prefer to have a back-up, just in case.) I don't know what to look for.....

Got the blood samples sent off yesterday - I should have the results by Friday :hopefully: I need to dry off Zorra and Mocha, if they're bred......I hope so. I don't mind milking Annie thru, but I'd like some Nubian kids as "payoff", too - and Inara's the only one confirmed bred right now.

Oh - anyone have a Biblical Astronomy for dummies site? I found a free .pdf last night from...1901, I think, but I haven't had the time to actually read it yet. I'm trying to find something on how the constellations = the 12 Tribes, and can't find anything. The "Creation Astronomy" book I got I *thought* would have something on it....nope. In fact, it kinda sucks - there's NOTHING really relating Astronomy to the Bible, except for the 1 verse in Genesis. I did find a website, but I'm waiting for someone to give me their opinion. :grin: I'm a baby astronomer.....and I'd like to find info *first*.

Gotta rustle the kids up. They're moving SLOWLY today.