February 27th, 2011

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Dreary Day...

so no pictures. :sigh: I wanted to take a bunch of Bree to send to her breeder...guess it'll have to wait until later in the week.

Got all the bucks' feet done. THAT was a chore - they fight. The does don't - not like the bucks. Wrenched my arm - of course. But it's DONE, and that's a big thing.

The milking machine has been all cleaned up, and is awaiting the new clusters. I built the bucks a mineral feeder similar to the does - only I did it without any 4" PVC - just the "clean out" and the 2 lids and adapters. Cheaper - and smaller. There's only 4 bucks, so they didn't need the extra length.

We've got the new nesting box array almost done. What we did, was to take an equipment crate - about 6' x 4' x 1.5 ft - and add the boxes into it. Yes, it's BIG - we'll have 16 12" x 19" nesting boxes when it's all done - and it's HEAVY. The good news is that they can't nest on top of it - it's too tall. No more poop piling up! I also borrowed an idea from wormspit - we bought a box of the cheapest peel-n-stick floor tiles we could find, and are putting it on the bottom of the boxes. Makes for easier cleaning.....and my birds have parquet flooring. :snicker: We'll have to use the tractor to move it into the chicken yard...it's gonna be tough, but it'll be nice once it's in....and, except for the flooring and the screws, it was FREE. Free is good!

Next up is a new, small coop for chicks - yes, we'll be raising chicks this year. We'll buy broilers, and then try to incubate some eggs, too. I want a bunch of colored-egg layers; I also want some "pretty" birds. Laced Wyandottes, some Spangled, some "blue"...we'll see what kind of eggs I can find.

Then we have to build some more goat toys - the bucks are bored. There's always something to build around here.....

K, I have to agree with your comment about the schools - I've had a problem the last few years, because all they are learning is the "test". :sigh: SG isn't quite there about Herself, yet...I'm hoping the doc will agree with me. :sigh: We have an appointment Tuesday, so...I'll bring it up.

Almost done with Coworker's b-day present - Owl Mittens. Then I have to start on Himself's - a Sonic the Hedgehog hat. THEN I get to do SG's - a Balmoral bonnet. I have the yarn....I just need to DO it. In my spare time....:lol: