March 2nd, 2011

Disney: L&S Caffeine

I don't know HOW y'all do it....

I mean, it's 7:40, and I'm exhausted! I've gotten up, showered, fixed breakfast (pigs in blankets), got up the kids, milked the goats and fed the horses, got Himself started on his disaster of a room, hustled Herself off to school, done a load of laundry, a load of dishes and put a loaf of bread on. :whew: (I know, this isn't typical. Still!)

Doc appt. yesterday went well. He said that, in his opinion, it won't hurt Herself to be homeschooled thru High School, simply because, well. She doesn't need "education", she needs to learn life skills...and public schools won't give her that. So, we'll let her finish out this year, then pull her. That gives me a few months to get Himself up to her level in math (which, honestly, should be easy - she's in Pre-Algebra....and he's almost there, honestly.) - that's what we'll be focusing on the next few months. For him, we'll focus mostly on Science/Robotics/Physics - that's where his interests lie, and MIT does that sort of stuff. (Yes, maths are in there - if I can show him how important math is to Robotics (duh!), he'll eat it up - that's the way he is.) The doc approved of my college-type approach to scheduling, because "at a job, you don't always do the same things every day". Huh. (I like this doc - he's not....typical, and I like that. Herself actually *talked* more yesterday!)

Herself's school is going to the movies Friday (????). Yes, the ENTIRE school is going to see "Rango" (or..whatever. The new Johnny Depp animated thing). I.....have no clue, but the PRINCIPAL thought it up. I.....on the one hand, WHY the whole school? What's up with that? (Yes, I have conspiracy thoughts about this. No reason why, but...) On the other.....WTH?? I can't figure it out. Herself is "thinking about it". I tempted her with "Well, if you decide to NOT see the movie (and the principal is really wanting her to go...again, WTH???), you'll get to stay home Friday!" I guess I'll add a side of "We can go to Irish Fest a day early!!!!" tonight...because I'm not sure WHY this is being pushed. :sigh:

We tried to switch the dogs to a cheaper - but still good - food. TSC's "4Health" - it rates 4-stars (on and is only $28/40 lb bag. They HATED it. So....we switched back to TOTW (5-stars)....and they are looking at it as if I'm trying to poison them. :sigh: Hope they come around soon.....I'm tired of wasting money. (The problem is that they love the Salmon version..and I bought the Lamb version. :sigh: Silly dogs...they gobbled it down when I had samples, but when I buy a whole bag it's not good enough for them!)

We got a tatoo kit yesterday, too......we're ready for kids, now! :lol:

Oh - and we got our papers back from ADGA (except for Calvin and Inara...I forgot to put the transfer on them. :sigh:). I did send in the missing info, so they're all ours now. :grin:

Gotta go supervise Himself - his room is a DISASTER. Punishment hasn't been I decided to try bribery. (WITH the doc's approval, I might add. :nods:) He's *REALLY* into Sonic the Hedgehog (hence his birthday hat!)...and there's a couple of DS games he wants. Well, we were in Big Lots yesterday, and...they carry DS games. And one of them was a new Sonic game for $19. I told him, OK - get your room CLEAN tomorrow, and I'll buy it for you. You don't, no deal - and no game! He's rushing around like a busy beaver right now, trying to get done ASAP - before someone else buys the game. :heh: If it works, it's the best $19 I've spent. If not, I'm not out any $$$$ (And no, I didn't buy it already - I'm not playing that game. HE should have cleaned his room up before now. If it's gone, oh well - I will try to find it at GameStop or online, but he won't get it as quickly. His fault......we'll see.)

Gotta skitter - got a hat calling my name, and a bed to sit on. I really want him to succeed......