March 6th, 2011

me: spinning

I survived NTIF....

barely, but I made it. Steady crowd; less than last year, but still a good-sized crowd. I was never swamped, and had some "free" time, but still saw a lot of people. LOTS of kids - which is good. I like teaching kids - they'll listen, whereas a lot of adults think they know it all (and really don't).

Got 4 bobbins of lace-weight singles spun. Need to ply them up - Herself claimed the finished yarn when I started the first bobbin, and want worsted-weight. :sigh: OK...I have plenty more of the sky-blue merino in my stash. I can share....I can. :lol:

SG gave me a lovely necklace and earring set from our "favorite" vendor. :lol: One of the reasons he's our favorite: he bought me the necklace yesterday. We went back today to get the earrings and a "manly" wrist cuff for him...and while SG was shopping, Herself and I were admiring earrings. I found the pair that matched the necklace, and SG said "Yeah - go ahead. They're nice!" So, we're talking, and admiring all the pretty sparklies...and the vendor looked at Herself and told her to pick out a pair of studs - we were "good" customers, and he felt like throwing them in. :glee: She was over the moon - he had a pair of Celtic Dragons. Needless to say, we'll be spending more $$$$ with him! :grin:

One of my Clan Cousins homeschools...and she gave - GAVE - us a Science book they weren't using.....and offered the others when her last 2 finish with them. :gulp: This is.....I know I have books, and I have online resources -but she's navigated the Texas laws, and knows them. She also gave us some dissecting things for hte physical science portion (a fetal pig, a frog, and....I dunno, dead animals. :lol:) This is cool - and the book has stuff I had thought of, but in a to put it...."real" way.

We got one of the Physics kits yesterday..Himself is all excited. :grin:

Too tired to think more......