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March 7th, 2011


Blargh.... 08:24 am
Maths. Himself is goofing off - he'd rather watch the dogs. I started him on stuff he's done.....unluckily for him, the math book we have is.....more advanced than what the school teaches. I mean, he's done multiplying fractions....*easy* fractions. This is.....harder. :snicker: 18 problems, we've been working since 7:30, and he's on #6.

Next up: World History. He's still in the middle of reading, so we can't really *do* anything there - not until he finishes. Then he gets to write a comparative report. Reading, Writing, and Grammar, all in 1 neat little box.

Have photos of his Sonic the Hedgehog hat - it was a hit. Will try to post 'em later.....
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