March 10th, 2011

Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

Next patient, please....

I have 2 sick males in the house today. Himself woke up with an earache - bad enough that he can't hear well out of 1 ear. SG didn't even *get* up - the alarm went off, he muttered "Staying home" and went back to sleep. He got up long enough to bug us during Science, then went back to bed.

Normally, Himself would have whined "I'm too sick to go to school!"...not today. He told me he had an earache; I said "I'm sorry, let me try this (vinegar in the ear) - you know, we still have to do school, even if you're sick." "Oh, I know *that*", he said "I just want to clear my ear out. Hey - can I read my Science book during breakfast?"

Oh. My. He wanted to READ a TEXTBOOK. :blink: Who is this, and where is my school-hating son? :lol:

I know, it's the novelty. I know that come...April, I bet, he'll be mumbling about assignments. But this? Is great.

We did skip Hebrew today - Rosetta Stone uses headphones, and you kinda need both ears. He volunteered to do it tomorrow, though. We did do a quick violin lesson - I try to keep them at 30 minutes or less, because he's not musically inclined and (I don't think) won't be a performer. Keep it fun and he's more apt to stick with it. (Soon as he's back in the groove, I'll haul out the Star Wars music books. THAT will keep him going! :heh:)

He built a weather station today. When I mentioned that it might be nice to record the wind speed/direction/temp/etc each morning, he *agreed* and said that would be *COOL*. I can deal with this.....:lol:

Herself is all bent out of shape because we've been doing experiments every day. :sigh: Wonder if she'll be happy to learn that she can catch up Science-wise during the summer....since I'm not planning on any long breaks. :evil grin: We've got to work on her math, too - she's in Algebra, and really struggling. Himself is chomping at the bit to get caught up in math, because he can't take Physics until he's done Algebra I (and he volunteered to do "extra" math to get there quickly, because "Physics is COOL!". :lol:).....I have a feeling that will change when the books arrive next week. (We'll still go ahead and do some of the stuff in the kits I bought - they're "Physics lite". Not quite up to college standards, but still fun.)

Need to check on the patients.....SG is snoring, so I think he's all right; Himself is playing some sort of physics game on the PC.